Writing Clips


Jack Green Realty:

Home Free Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Wild Was Mama:

Maternity and Nursing Bras Q&A


Staff Picks: Apothecary

Wild Was Mama & Kokoro Exclusive Wraps!

Two Kids, Two Stores, And One Half Marathon

Ithaca Week:

Ithaca Restaurants Remain Off-Limits For Residents Keeping Kosher

Sexual Harassment Seen as “Part of job” in Restaurant Industry 

Wage Increase Receives Mixed Reviews From Restauranteurs 

Overtime Hours For Snow Removal Puts Ithaca Over Budget 

NY Sun Initiative Makes Room For Solar Panel Improvement

Funding for IHS Spring Musical “Just Enough”

Ithaca Voice:

Ithaca Restaurant Staff Responds to States’ Tipped Wage Increase 

The Ithacan:

Welcome to the Monkey House 

New York Family Magazine:

Convenience Meets Cool With Samsung’s New Home Appliance Collection

The Best Summer Festivals for Families  

Battling For Child Welfare

Looking At Motherhood Through a Fresh Lens  

Reason’s Greg Pembrook’s Blog & Book Have Gone Viral 

Confessions of a Teenage Babysitter

Geek Out With Tech-Based Summer Camps  

One-Stop Shopping For Safe Pregnancy Essentials: healthy mama

Testing the Car Seat 

Thanks, Mom!

City Births Offers Unique Pre- and Post- Natal Support 


Demi Lovato Shares Her Ultimate V-Day Playlist

Meet the Next Generation of Power Girls 

10 Songs to Get you Through Finals Week

Score Selena’s Edgy-Girly Style With Her new Adidas  Neo Summer Collection

Rita Ora’s New Song is as Good as the 3 (!) Outfits She Wore to Promote It!

7 Adorbs Baby Animals That Are As Happy About Spring As You Are!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Fangirling Over These Hot Irish Celebs

5 Tracks We Want to Hear on the Ice Now That Olympic Figure Skating Allows Songs WIth Lyircs

The Shriver Report

My Mother’s Many Hats 

Buzzsaw Magazine:

A Review of Nasty Drinks 

Who Wears the Pants?

Summer Girls: My First Eargasm

14 Percent Approval of Awesome!

What Should We Buy Me?

The Hype Behind Cortaca 

I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me 

An Open Letter to the Biggest Buzzkill in Ithaca

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