Describe your demographic group. Describe the stereotypes of your group that you confirm. Describe the stereotypes you subvert.

We are cisgendered lesbian fuckboys,

philanthropic fraternity swim stars,

and bisexual YouTube videos

with our pronouns in the description below.


We are derailed carbon emissions majoring in microaggressions,

viral vocabulary immune to truth,  

and vaccinated voyeurs on free trips to the Israeli perspective.


We are black silhouettes against the setting Constitution,

ephemeral validation incarcerated in post-production,

and some of us have lead in our water.

Some of us have salt, sulfur, and plastic in our water.

Either way, it’s not our parents who raised us.


We are post-psychedelic, mind-numbing addicts,

and some of us think we matter.

We are twitching neon begging for darkness;

I heard on a podcast the other day

that neon can glow eternally.


Together, we twitch on.


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