What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now

“Does she even want it back? Am I positive this is the right girl? Yes, it’s definitely her. Wow, she’s a little better looking than I remember. Alright, good job self. Well done.  She was really drunk on Friday. I was really drunk on Friday…and Saturday. Her boobs don’t look as big as this bra. This is so awkward. This is so awkward. This is so awkward. What if she doesn’t remember me? OK. Just do it. Walk up to her and say hey….no that sucks. Wait what was her name again? Fuck! Stacey? Sam? It was an S, something with an S…no M. Morgan! Like Captain Morgan…oh no Captain Morgan. I’m going to be sick. Alright pull yourself together. Maybe she’ll be cool about this whole thing. Maybe she purposely left her bra in my room. Maybe she wants to see me again. Yeah! That’s exactly right. She’s pretty cute. Okay here we go. Just do it. Is blue your favorite color? No, that’s terrible. Don’t try to be funny.  Hey, I was hoping to run into you. Okay, yeah, good start. Did you have fun on Friday? No, that’s lame. Try again. Hey, I was hoping to run into you. Kind of awkward but I have your bra in my backpack… perfect.”

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