Describe yourself in the third person- your physical appearence and personality- as though you were a character in a book

During the earliest of Jodi’s years, people would stop her and her mother wherever they were to comment on Jodi’s beauty. This happened quite often actually. People seemed to be taken aback by Jodi’s deep brown eyes, the golden red highlights in her hair, and a smile that stretched across her face. She had tiny hands and a tiny nose and a freckle on her right cheek.

It was very important to Jodi’s mother that these compliments not go to Jodi’s head. So, after the strangers would finish commenting (and several other times during the day) her mother told Jodi that beauty comes from the inside and that kindness was the only way to maintain this beauty. She always said, “you are an angel sent down from heaven to bring joy to the world.” Jodi took that as her destiny.

She’s part of that group of people who likes Mondays and mornings. She likes routine and tradition. She takes her coffee with just a little milk and her tea with just a little honey. She likes the finer things in life but likes even better not being able to afford them yet. She has very little tolerance for laziness. She believes that satisfaction can only come after working hard and that a good party has everything to do with the music. She bites her nails and rarely follows her own advice. She gets a thrill out of meeting new people and to this day, Jodi’s happiness comes from making others happy. She’s part of that group of people whose smile can bring light to any room. People still stop to tell her how beautiful she is but that only gives her more incentive to be a kinder person.

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