Boxers or briefs? Discuss.

It is difficult to choose between boxers or briefs without given any specific circumstances. At first thought, I chose briefs but after some more thinking, I realized there are times when boxers are more appropriate.

If a shirtless man with chiseled abs were to take his pants off, I’d like to see a nice pair of briefs on him. I like the way the elastic waistband hugs his hips and loosely sticks to his thighs like a well-made cotton shirt. I think as a rule of thumb, a man should look at the model on the briefs packet before buying them. If he shows any resemblance to David Beckham and any of the other drop dead sexy Calvin Klein models, then please by all means feel free to wear nothing but briefs. Even if a man is not model-esque, but does have a girlfriend, briefs are a very nice change-up for a special night.

Boxers are acceptable under three circumstances. If a boy is between the age of four and fourteen, he should wear boxers. I would feel extremely uncomfortable if I babysat an eight year old with hip hugging briefs. Also, if a boy must follow that awful jean sagging trend, then at least wear something appropriate underneath. It’s bad enough that we have to see your under garments in the first place, especially during a time when it’s not welcomed, say in the middle of class or out to dinner with the family but, I think it would be even worse if I had to see your rear end perfectly outlined by a thin layer of cotton. Finally, if a man is out of shape and over weight, boxers are the only way to go. Anything else would be well, inappropriate to say the least.

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