Describe exultation.

Exultation is 30 minute erg workouts on a Saturday morning. It’s running 7 miles with snow on the ground. It’s rowing in the pouring rain at 6 in the morning with the coxswain screaming at you, all for a race lasting less than 7 minutes. But there is no better way to describe exultation than that feeling you get when you cross the finish line with a PR and a win. High fiving the person in front of you because you know you both just rowed your absolute hardest. Your panting and your dead tired but all that pain is well worth the pure joy you feel after winning a race. It’s an addictive high. It’s an effortless smile . It’s that feeling in the back of your throat right before your eyes tear up. When you’re sad, that feeling in your throat is the worst but when it comes to pure joy, that feeling is the best. Exultation creates tears not even the most apathetic person can control. It makes you feel like a better person. It makes waking up in the morning easier. It makes you stand taller. It instantly makes up for all those moments in your life when you couldn’t get up in the morning, when you stared at the ground while you walked, when you cursed the coxswain in the rain, and when you bit your lip because you were ashamed of your tears.

One moment of exultation is worth all the times you lost.




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