Write down 20 details of your neighborhood

1. The majority of houses have two front doors, the first being glass.

2. More people own dogs than cats.

3. Only two families have in-ground pools.

4. There’s a pothole at the beginning of the street that is really fun to ride your bike over.

5 There are a group of families who have been here since the development was first built in the 90s.

6. The school principal lives in this neighborhood.

7. The houses on one side of the street shake a little bit when the train goes by.

8. You stop hearing the train go by after a few years.

9. My family is currently the only Jewish family.

10. The speed limit is 25 mph much to the dismay of certain families who would prefer it be 15.

11. Nobody really knows the man who lives in the house closest to the cul de sac but TLC came with a camera crew one day and built him a man cave.

12. Nobody has the same garage door.

13. A lot of houses have this small tree with deep purple leaves in the front.

14. You used to be able to cut through everyone’s backyards to get to each others houses but now most of the yards are fenced in.

15. The splattered white paint on the street is from a teenage house party.

16. There is only one brick house.

17. There’s a path near the woods in the back of the neighborhood that leads to a park.

18. This neighborhood is located on the border of another town.

19. We used to have extravagant block parties with a specific theme every summer.

20. When I show people where I live I’ve only ever gotten two reactions: “I never knew this was back here” or “All the houses look the same”

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