What your desk thinks about at night

“Why did she leave that one pen out? Why didn’t she put the pen back with all the other pens? Is that pen in trouble or something? Or maybe she likes it better than all the other pens. I didn’t really take her for a favorites-playing type of person, though. Anyway, I wonder if she’s ever going to use this hand sanitizer. It just sits here. She takes gum from that one pack all the time though. And this plate. I hope she’ll clean it in the morning. She always leaves her dirty dishes on me. I miss that other computer she had. It had cool stickers on it. This new one is so small and boring. It’s pretty light though. No burden to me. And I like the new books on me. Pretty interesting. Is she going to London or something? Learning French? This snowboard leaning right up against me is starting to get pretty damn annoying. Such a burden. What would happen if I just pushed it over one day? That would feel so much better. Would she think I did it? Nahhh. I can’t do that to her, though. She treats me pretty nicely. I like those cloths she wipes me down with. Real fresh. Also, this new poster above me is pretty cool. I don’t know who this guy is but he seems pretty powerful, good looking too. I like his necklace.”

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