You are a thirteen-year-old. Write a love letter to your boyfriend.

Dear Boyfriend,

I think you’re really cute. Whenever I see you, I get butterflies in my stomach and my hands start to shake a little. You make me laugh and I love how much we have in common. I could listen to Mayday Parade with you all day. What I like most about you are your eyes. They’re so deep. I feel like I can see into your soul. Don’t worry, I like what I see. 🙂

I also like when we kiss. It makes my head feel light. You’re a good kisser and I hope you think I’m a good kisser, too. I know we’ve only been dating for two weeks but we’ve known each other since kindergarten and I want you to know that if you want to go further than kissing, I’ll let you. I trust you. I know you would never do anything to hurt me and I want you to know that I will never hurt you either.

My favorite memory I have with you is when you taught me how to skateboard. You look hot when you skateboard and I really liked it when you stopped short just to kiss me. That was so cute. It made me smile for hours after that. I’m a simple girl. I like the little things like that. I also liked having your hands right there to make sure I didn’t fall when I was on the skateboard. It made me feel safe.

I’ll never forget the day I found out you liked me. I was so excited. I’ve liked you for so long. Our friends always said we would make a good couple and I think they’re right. I don’t care if people laugh at our height difference when we slow dance because when we sway together to the music, the rest of the world disappears. It’s just you and me. Also, I really like your cologne. You always smell so good. People say we have too much PDA, but I disagree. I like holding your hand and I don’t care what they think.

I’m listening to Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls right now. I know that’s a really really old song but I think that should be our song. It’s just make sense to our relationship. We’ve been through so much and I’m really glad we found each other. I want to be the girl who breaks down that lock you have on your heart. I want to show you that you don’t have to be jaded. I want to make you happy because you’ve made me so happy. I miss you the moment you walk away. I could spend every second of the day with you and not get sick of you. I long for the next time I can kiss you. I think I’m falling for you…




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