The glow of fire

Your own pillow

Your dog’s favorite spot

The temperature of the library

Laying in warm sand

My best friend’s laugh

All the things about coffee

Hearing the first note of that one song


That movie you can only watch alone

Sleepytime tea

Being awake for a good sunrise

My mom

The smell of my synagogue

Peanut butter and jelly

Nora Jones

Aloe on sunburn


Support groups

A sunny Autumn day

Fully charged phone

Seeing Grandma

Those Vans I’ll never throw out

Going out for ice cream

The smell of Em’s house

Running in the woods

Getting lost in a book

The back seat on long car rides

The chairlift

My bank account after a paycheck

Waking up to the sound of shoveling


The Dunkin’ Donuts next to Dad’s store

Nanny’s outfits

Sweatpants on the beach

When we’re all home


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