Pick a country, and imagine we’ve been at war with it for fourteen years. Write a love story in that world.

Bring our troops home
Is a type of joke all it’s own
Because all we’ve ever known is war.

Developments are two steps back, And casualties are currency
To the comfortable and corrupt.
The deadliest battles
Are slipped under the rug,
And Momma writes letters
Because she doesn’t sleep too much.

They say we don’t know real tragedy
But all we’ve ever known is war.

Peace became another
Vocabulary word.
And we memorized our stories
of where were you when
But never learned to pronounce
The names of Bin Laden’s men.

In a world riddled with
Milestones missed,
Dad seals his letters
with a kiss and P.S.:
How are classes going?

When it comes time to pick a religion,
Be sure not to misinterpret.
3,000 died the day I learned
To dot my i’s.

The Jews are still waiting for Elijah,
But the Pope claims
Jesus is the messiah.
Ziggy Marley said love is my religion,
And that’s the one I believe in.

Love is my religion.

We all suffer
From irreconcilable differences.
The rise in gas prices
Is due to some dispute —
A minor quarrel in the kitchen.

And then George didn’t chase after Hussein
Who slammed the door and ran out into the rain,
And Hussein whimpered, “Only Taylor Swift can relate.”

There’s obvious irony
In scripted reality.
The episode about courtship
Boosted ratings
Because I guess respect
is an outdated concept.

Years later we all wonder
Why we invaded Iraq in the first place
Because if you put the spread of democracy
On a scale that measures bullshit,
That scale would shatter
Into a million pieces
Of hashtags and whiteboy swag.


Put the weapons down, okay?
Let’s just talk it out.
I’m sure there’s a coffee shop in Brooklyn
Filled with hungover hipsters
Willing to host a lesson on love
Because maybe that was something
The mothers of Hamas just simply forgot.

If there’s one thing I learned
Growing up in a war,
Love is not just between a boy and a girl,
Love is between those who believe in it,
And it’s the only thing worth fighting for.
God can’t save the King.
And we’ve raised a bunch of jaded teens,
So fuck it —
All Hail Democracy!
Because that’s what Brian Williams told me …

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