Write from this quote from Claude Levi-Strauss, “I am the place in which something has occurred.”

I am the fallout of a sunny day in September.

I am in debt from listening to lectures

spewed from the mouths of journalism professors

who openly admit to being cynical

about the jobs I’m applying for.

But what options do I have

with student loan payments

and journalism being what it is today?


If we put a price on the objective truth,

would it come with free shipping?


Oh my dear capitalist society,

saturate me in the sauce you call democracy,

and I’ll taste all right to all the guys

who see me as a piece of meat.

Mom calls the girls I see

experiments like science projects,

a phase like the way the seasons change.


You’d think repetition would dull heightened senses;

See, there’s this word,

a buzzword I always hear –

They fear my generation is desensitized,

but we’ll still cringe and cry at the sound of gun shots…


then clap our sugar-soaked hands together

for that R-rated Golden Globe Award winner.

I heard war is best captured in the HollyWood deserts.


And remember that tragedy on NBC:

It was Christmas Eve

when FedEx delivered that discount Amazon iPad.

“To Caroline. Love Santa.”

Addressed to

a pretty white house in Newtown, Connecticut.

See, little Caroline is an angel now.

Does that mean she knows the truth now

about the nice-list: It’s just

a gimmick.

Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

It’s just

Corporate marketing BULLSHIT.


Pardon my anger,

I’ve just been questioning higher powers –

I mean…

the iCloud.


Have you ever seen the Mediterranean Sea?

iGoogle that sometimes,

and it looks a whole lot like paradise


surrounded by rebellion

sponsored by the blogosphere,

and economic turmoil

while royalty is on a shopping spree.


I am the fallout of fashion week.


When I was 18 I dated a guy

who said we were so cute

we could be Tumblr famous.

When I broke up with him,

Mom sat me down and said,

“I think he might be gay.”

Three years later I’d correct her:

No Mom, that’s me.

No worries though

in vitro is safe, and I think

I can get married in more than half the states,

but there’s no guarantee

there will be a drop in the divorce rate.


I’ll still strive for a soul mate though

because that’s better than

the stereotype of living with nine cats.

You know, I don’t even really like cats.

I’d rather be that teacher who calls all students her children.

I’ll be an English teacher.

Riddle me this for your first assignment:

Is Jodi Picoult a novelist

Or the greatest mathematician?


Moral dilemma + six different perspectives = a Kardashian ass-sized paycheck


But hey, I can’t be one to judge.

A girl two years older than me

once called me too young,

but I know for sure

she wasn’t standing on the Seabright Bridge

watching the smoke rise over the horizon

with her mom telling her

next time we drive into the city

you’ll have to find a new landmark,

and there’s a few funerals we have to go to.


How old is your soul is a better question.

There are 9 year olds in Syria

who would give anything for a childhood,

and I know

I will never be able to relate

but little girl,

I’ll keep you in mind tonight.

I’ll download an image

of your bare feet and dirty face,

adjust it in Photoshop

to be sure for viral reblogs

Because then I’ll know I’ve done my part, right?


How did we survive without Internet?

How did we connect before it was instant?

My resumé is nothing but good politics.

I’ve got a few good internships,

but I measure my success in happiness,

because in a world banking off madness,

love is the only thing that makes sense.

Love is the only thing that makes sense.

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