The Worst Thanksgiving Dish You Ever Had

Mac and Cheese…gourmet five star French restaurant macaroni and cheese.

I believe I was in the 6th grade. My mom personal trained a couple in a nearby town known for its vast farm lands and large houses. (Queen Latifah owns a house in this town.) When this couple wasn’t living in their private estate, they lived in a pent house apartment in the city. That year, they invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them in the city. My mom thought it would be a good idea for her children to experience something other than spending a lovely evening with our relatives eating mass amounts of home cooked food.

So, we ditched the family and on Thanksgiving night, the five of us hopped in the car all clad in suits and dresses like we were going to a bar mitzvah, and drove north to the city. First, we stopped at their pent house for cocktails. I remember sitting there sipping on some Pepsi afraid to touch anything. Next, we headed to the restaurant, Cafe des Artistes. Upon entering the restaurant, I was surprised to see other families dining there on thanksgiving and even more surprised when the waiter escorted us to our own private room which the couple had reserved.

Now don’t get me wrong, the food was fantastic. Everything about that night was spectacular. However, I did not have a single bite of turkey. I’m not even sure turkey was on the menu. There was no stuffing, no cranberry sauce, no embarrassing stories from my uncle, no cheesecake, and nothing to pick at in our refrigerator the next day. I had delicious gourmet mac and cheese but it was the worst thanksgiving dish I ever had because it was spent with a family we are no longer in touch with at a place I have never been to since (partly because it closed down). The money these people have is impressive and being an avid Gossip Girl viewer, I am beginning to understand their world a little better but, I wouldn’t give up a night spent at home in my middle class suburban neighborhood with the people for which I am most thankful.

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