Write Facebook Status Updates For The Year 2017

I’ll be 24…

1. Just got the new Prius…hands free steering is awesome!

2. Still can’t believe Selena Bieber is pregnant…

3. I think it’s time I untag my pictures from high school.

4. Trying to figure out why Facebook changed their format…once again.

5. The folks at Apple weren’t kidding…the new Siri is actually psychic.

6. Remember those days when illegally downloading music was both possible and easy?

7. Here’s to hoping congress will actually get shit done with a woman running this country now.

8. Call Me Maybe is still stuck in my head.

9. Got my first article published in this weeks Rolling Stone…everyone go check it out!!

10. Just bought my first legal bag of weed…Today, I am proud to be an American.

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