A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

Dear House Plant,

Today I noticed some brown spots around the edges of your beautiful green leaves. Does this mean you’re dying? I really hope not because your death would cause me some serious distress.

As you know, I don’t own a dog so after a long, hard day at work I really enjoy coming home to you, House Plant. Your bright green leaves and strong sturdy stem always bring a smile to my face. If you died, who is going to be there for me when I come home? Who is going to provide me with constant fresh oxygen?

I remember the day I bought you. I was walking through the green house at the local farmers market searching for the perfect plant. I then I saw you, or rather, we saw each other. You were so young and healthy. The farmer told me all you needed was just a little water everyday. I took you home and each day I fed you a little water. I’d watch you soak it up; you were so cute. Friends would come over and always comment on what a beautiful, well-behaved house plant you were. Each day you grew a little more until finally you were the full grown house plant I know and love today.

So you see House Plant, dying is simply not in the contract. We have such a history together. It’s been me and you against the world.  You have to stay strong and fight whatever it is that’s causing your death. I know you can pull through this. There will never be another house plant like you.

I will never forget you,


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