What a character wearing something red is thinking

“I’m single now. I’m so single right now. I’m a single, hot, independent woman. God, I miss him. No, stop right there. Out with the girls. Here to meet a cute guy. Okay scanning, scanning…scanning. Maybe I should finish this drink first. This is such a fruity drink. But I love pineapple. Ugh, does this girl ever stop talking? I need something stronger. Maybe Mr. Biceps at the bar knows what I want to drink. Okay, time to make moves. These damn red heels are killing me but I don’t even care…Ouch okay I care a little bit. Whatever, flip your hair to the side. Nice. That was hot. I look good. Look at me struttin’ in my red heels and shit. I miss when he would whisper in my ear how gorgeous I was. NO! Get out of my head. Keep walking. Oh boy, Biceps just looked at me. Smile. Big smile. He smiled back. Oh wow that gave me butterflies. Cool. I still got it. I’m going to go introduce myself. I need a shot first. No, you don’t. Yes, I do. No, you don’t. Okay, you’re right. Just say hi. That’s all it takes. This is going to be great. I’m single now. I’m so single.”

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