The greatness of sandwiches

When certain ingredients are placed between two pieces of bread, everything just works out. Life is okay when you’re eating a sandwich.

I put peanut butter and jelly right along side s’mores at the top of the best combinations list. (Pork roll, egg, and cheese comes in at a close second.) It’s a classic that will unfailingly bring a smile to the consumer’s face. When in doubt, peanut butter and jelly will always be there for you.

If a woman is ever unsure on how to win a guy over, make him a sandwich. It may seem a bit degrading but it is definitely one successful way to a guy’s heart. (Add a beer while you’re at it.)

Another great thing about sandwiches is their ability to be so simple yet taste so absolutely gourmet. My mother makes the most excellent sandwiches. Just last night she went out and got a fresh loaf of sourdough bread seasoned with various delectable ingredients. She took out the thick soft pieces of bread and spread a generous amount of herb cheese on them. Then, she had my father cut up the steak left over from the night before into thin, thin slices like deli roast beef. She placed the steak slices on the cheesy bread and voila- a gourmet sandwich that could easily be found in an expensive little New York City cafe that took five minutes to make at home.

Sandwiches can also be a method of creative release. Around 12:30 in the afternoon when my stomach is perfectly ready for the next meal, I’ll often find myself standing in front of the open refrigerator figuring out what I could possibly place between two pieces of bread. Sometimes the options are endless and other times I am forced to come up with combinations that may seem a little strange. That doesn’t really matter though because for some reason, when you place that second slice of bread on top of everything and take a bite, it just works.

The greatness of sandwiches is common knowledge; everyone should know about it.

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