At a romantic restaurant on a busy Saturday Night, a guy gets down on one knee and begins to propose. You are a sportscaster doing color commentary of the occasion for a live television audience.

And down on one knee, will you just look at this man’s posture! Have you ever seen a back so straight?! Just some quick background, our man Jeff here has been dating this lovely lady for a little over four years. He’s done with school. He’s got the job and you know what? He’s ready to settle down and start a family. But do you think she’ll say yes? Do you think she’ll agree to a life with Jeff ‘till death do them part? Let’s watch. I see tears! Yup, she’s tearing up! Oh man, this is good. Really a beautiful site to see folks. He’s saying “I love you.” And she’s saying it back!! She’s got her hand over her mouth now. She knows what’s coming. The restaurant is silent. Everybody is just dying to know her response. I know I am. All right, he’s taking out the box. The end is near. He’s opening the box. She gasped! Did you see that gasp?! It’s gotta be a great ring. I mean look at Jeff’s cufflinks; this man has some serious style. Here it comes; he’s going in for the kill. And the verdict is….yes! She is shaking her head yes. She said yes! Tears are rolling down this girls cheeks. He’s hugging her, he’s kissing her and she’s kissing him. Oh man, this has got to be one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. Definitely beats that time I saw two birds mating in the tree outside my house. Have you ever seen birds mating? It’s pretty wild. Anyway, that’s our presentation for tonight. Tune in next week to see yet another unexpected act of loooooooove.

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