Write a scene in which the protagonist is wrongly accused of conspiring to cause a big accident.

    “I wasn’t even there that night. Well okay I was, but not for the whole time. Not for the part of the accident anyway. I was in a fight, you see, with my girlfriend. And she was there, at the party. So naturally I had to go over there because, you know, it wasn’t over yet between us. I still had things I wanted to say. She left me high and dry. No, not high like on drugs, I don’t do drugs, like, you know it’s like that saying high and dry; she just walked out on me. So anyway, I drove around until I found the party. I parked my car real fast. I was mad. I mean how could she just walk out like that? And now she’s at a party? That’s not cool. So I’m there right, at the party, and I see one of her friends, so I go, ‘Yo where’s Jess?’ And her friend just shrugs. That’s it! She just shrugs. So I’m like whatever, how far could she have gone, right? I head out to the backyard. My girl smokes boges. Not my favorite part of her but I figured, outside would be the place to look. Sure enough, there she is, standing around with all our friends. I’m fuming at this point. All our friends! She’s gonna get it. Well, no, not like abusive. Damn, I could never hit a girl. But like, you know what I mean. So I walk over and tell her we need to leave right that instant. She says she doesn’t want to leave with me. She says she hates me. Damn, that’s a strong word, am I right? But I tell her we gotta talk about this, about our problems. So she finally agrees because if we’re being honest, she’s a great girl and she gets me. She knows me and it’s not over until I got it all off my chest. So I shake some of the guys hands, she says goodbye to the girls, and we leave. That’s it. That’s all I know.”

The police stare for a long time at the young boy tilting his chair back in the interrogation room before turning to each other. One gives the other a nod. He then presses a black button on the table. Within seconds, two more officers come in, one carrying a pair of handcuffs. “Wait. What’s going on? I’m innocent. I just told you my whole story. That’s it! That’s all I know! I swear! It’s not my gun, I mean knife. It’s not my knife. I swear. I had nothing to do with this. Is it because I’m Spanish? There’s no way no white boys get treated like this! This is some kind of bullshit! Why don’t you believe me? I didn’t shoot err stab anyone! I grabbed my girl and we left. I walked away. That’s it! That’s all. Come on man, you gotta believe me.”

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