What you ate for breakfast

We call it an egg toasty thing in my family but I think if you go to Cracker Barrel, they have it under the name Bird in a Basket. It’s a strange name but after a bit of thought I discovered the name to be completely logical. If the egg were to hatch it would be a bird and if the wheat used to make the bread was turned into straw, it would be a basket. However, when my brother came home from college one day a couple of years ago, he began to make one of these and when my mom asked him what he was making he replied, “I’m not sure, I just call it the egg toasty thing.”

Since then, it’s become one of my favorites in the breakfast category. Unless I want to wake up early to get an omelet or scrambled eggs in the dining hall, I’m pretty much confined to cereal or oatmeal in my dorm room. Now, I’m not complaining; since I entered college two years ago, I’ve awakened my taste buds to the deliciousness that is a bowl of cereal, but sometimes I wake up in the morning wishing I could be home to make myself an egg toasty thing.

It’s just so simple and fantastic the way the egg cooks right into the bread and the bread gets all toasty with butter around the outside. You cut into it and the yolk pours out onto the plate and then you dip the toasted bread into it and oh that is just so good. Sometimes I’ll splurge and put a little cheese on top. If you turn down the heat and put a lid on top of the pan, the cheese will melt without overcooking the egg. I’ve gone crazy a few times and added a piece of ham on top. The warm ham with the cheese melted on top and the yolk pouring out of the toasted bread…I’m sorry but Cracker Barrel ain’t got shit on my egg toasty thing.

This morning was a bit different because I didn’t make the egg toasty thing, my mom did. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What was my mom doing making her grown daughter breakfast on an average Friday morning? Well let me explain to you my current situation. I just had surgery on Monday. It was a bit of an unexpected surgery. I was supposed to have surgery on my ankle in a few weeks but I accidentally broke my hand the week before finals so I e-mailed all my professors and worked it out so my parents could take me home early. We went to the doctor the day after I came home and scheduled the surgery for this Monday on both my hand and ankle. Thus, my mom has been making all my meals for me this week.

I asked my mom for a cup of coffee this morning because it was a wonderful Spring morning and I wanted nothing else but to sip on a cup of coffee, eat my egg toasty thing, read the New York Times, and listen to the birds sing. She denied me the coffee claiming that painkillers and caffeine would cause heart burn. So I opted for a cup of green tea. And when I quickly discovered that I can’t eat an egg toasty thing and read the paper with only one hand, I turned on The Today Show. Kathy Lee and Hoda are just so funny.

At least the birds were still singing.

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