Write a single paragraph that conveys a lot about a character’s life. Think about how this can be achieved with voice and rhythm and repetition.

A pair of jeans, skinny jeans, dark, black skinny jeans always feel a size too small when it’s the morning after a night out. Grace, after a bit of a squat jump, manages to get the jeans over her ass, zipped and buttoned. The girl Grace had just been sleeping next to is topless and from what Grace can remember, a little brainless too. The girl is blond. Grace finds comfort in the stereotype and wonders what her looks reveal about her. She’s drastic when it comes to change and after watching Rosemary’s Baby with that one guy who had that girlfriend, she chopped off a good part of her hair and then paid her one hairdresser friend a gram of weed and two drinks at the bar to fix it so she could look like Mia Farrow. The girl’s eyes flutter open and she gives Grace a knowing smirk. She reaches over the side of the bed and tosses Grace a basic fleece scarf. “Cover your neck and I like my coffee black.”

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