Describe ascent using the most innovative, outrageous metaphors, similes, and physical descriptions you can think of.

Ascent went surfing after the hurricane

Blew down her house.

She dodged doorknobs in the waves,

Then went back out the next day.


Ascent organized a file cabinet

And went on a coffee run,

Then told his future employer

What a great internship that was.


Ascent hugged her son

When he said Mom, I’m gay.

His happiness was the only thing

For which Ascent prayed.


Ascent has a few scars

From those times she cut her arms,

But today Ascent looked in her mirror

And said I know I am beautiful.


Ascent ran the marathon

One year after the bomb.

This time he crossed the finish line

With a prosthetic leg and missing arm.


Ascent put her hands up

And said don’t shoot,

But Ascent’s efforts were cut short

By the politically immune.


Ascent believes in change

And the ability to forgive and accept.

But first you must find this in yourself

Before you too can be Ascent.

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