A Strange Girl Who Hides Herself Under Layers and Layers of Clothing

There’s a kid out there,

And he’s gotta have it worse:


That’s what I told myself

When my parents’ words

Set fire to every single thought

About that girl I knew to be right.

The kids used to laugh

Because I guess I dressed like a guy;

It was a whispered sort of laugh,

But it shattered my ears

Like they were all screaming,

Why is that girl so weird?


And so I started to pray,

And I don’t know to whom,

Just the universe I guess:

The shit that’s bigger than all of us.

And to be honest

I prayed for that kid,

Not me, and I think

If I ever see him I’ll ask,

Do you think it’ll always be this bad?


The answer’s in your heart,

He’ll say to me

Pull back your sleeves girl,

Don’t be ashamed of your scars.


Let me tell you about

This one memory I have:

The night your vision went black.

I wonder if it haunts your dreams

Like it does mine

Nearly every night

Like it’s on a loop

Like that one song

That got you through

That one night with the knife

Remember, I was there

With the crushed pills,

And it would’ve been easy for us

To fall off that cliff.


We made a pact

But then your eyes rolled back,

And I got scared.

I made a few calls

And well, you weren’t happy about that.


I saved your life

When you wanted to die,

And I’ll never apologize for that.

That sort of ended you and I,

So I guess I’ll just be happy now

Knowing you’re alive.


Are you happy now

Knowing you’re alive?


So maybe this is just my way

Of saying hi.

Are you still up tonight?

Listen to me,

There’s a kid out there,

And he needs your help.


I know sometimes

Your room feels like a jail cell,

And you’re just itching to get out,

But sometimes you have to remember

How lucky you are to have a room at all.


You’re parents’ misunderstandings

Are not a death sentence.

Step back from that ledge my friend,

And wait for the day

When someone holds your hand,

And starts pulling back the layers.

You’ll feel a weight off your shoulders,

And remember that time someone told you

It gets better.


I’m thinking about you tonight, strange girl;

December is never easy,

But if you could just find it in your heart

To think of a child

Who is hungry for everything you own,

Maybe that could be step one

To healing yourself.


Find the strength in yourself

Then pass it on

Find the light in yourself

Then pass it on

Epidemics have endings

We just need more love.


Take a minute to

Find the love in yourself,

Then pass it on.



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