Everyone has a special talent. What’s your special skill?

I can write my name.

I can name all the countries of South America in under 10 seconds.

I can forget what I’m about to say as I’m about to say it and sometimes I wonder what’s stronger – head or the heart.

I can whistle.

I can read up to three pages of a book before realizing I’m just seeing words while my mind is rotating through scenarios of what it’s like to not be alone.

I can cook.

I can dream and I can put blush on my cheeks but nothing beats the natural glow of being head over heels in lust.

I can cry.

I can lift my face up to the sky and smile because today I am healthy.

I can run and sometimes I like to pretend I’m running away but then I think of the shower and how life is actually okay.

I can open a Starburst wrapper with my tongue in under five minutes.

I can drink wine.

I can boil water.

I can find sea glass in the sand and I can build a snowman but to be honest, I’m basing that off memory because it’s been a while.

I can fishtail my hair and stand on my tippy toes for a long time because most things are a reach for me.

I can eat cheese and chocolate but peaches and plums make my tongue go numb.

I can laugh.

I can be dramatic until Mom tells me to snap out of it.

I can break a bone and know that recovery is temporary.

I can dance whenever the music moves me and sing but only when no one is listening.

I can swim but sometimes I struggle to keep my head above water.

I can love.

I can love when it’s unrequited and when it’s unconditional.

I can love when it’s in lust and when it’s only friendship.

I can love myself and I think that is a beautiful thing.

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